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A house united
May 27, 2016 AT 4:41 PM
Philadelphia City Council appointed deputy housing director Fred Purnell to the board of the Philadelphia Housing Authority on Thursday, drawing attention to his rocky affordable housing...
Housing Crisis
Oct 6, 2016 AT 11:43 AM
There was a time, for a good month or so in September 2014, when Beverly Henry had no idea who owned her house. “I turned to this woman and I said, ‘Wait, who owns my home?’...
Political haunts
Oct 28, 2016 AT 1:17 PM
Philadelphia isn’t just the birthplace of our nation – it’s also the burial place of many of our Founding Fathers and other political notables. Here are but a few of the resting...
Public Safety
Jan 26, 2017 AT 10:45 AM
Jenni Drozdek thought she’d taken every precaution to keep her daughter, Mina, from becoming one of the approximately 13,000 Pennsylvania children diagnosed with lead poisoning. The family’s 19th-...
Capitol Beat
Jun 15, 2017 AT 8:44 PM
A Senate bill aimed at cracking down on blight has drawn concerns from housing advocates, who say some provisions could wind up hurting low-income homeowners. The bipartisan legislation, sponsored...
Mar 13, 2018 AT 1:15 PM
The Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority is mulling whether to forgive some $1 million in back interest and penalties owed by several companies linked to a former nonprofit executive who...